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"The Magnificent You"

We all know music can be powerful, but can one song really change your life?


Here's the story...

The Amazing Secret I Discovered about Music

Music has been coming through me ever since I went through some life-changing events 20 years ago. This music was a gift for my healing and then I began to share it in my work as a therapist. There were songs about change, fear, loving oneself, nature's gifts, surrendering, and many others. I didn't realize at the time that the music was having a profound effect in peoples' brains and thus their thoughts and behaviors.

I got a hint of this secret one day in a therapy session. My fairly new client described some significant changes happening in her life. The first time I saw her she told me how she had been quite depressed and having difficulty making ends meet. She worried frequently about the bills every month and about the future. As a single parent, she really needed the rain of prosperity, and she told me that even a drop of it would be welcome. She was also having significant emotional pain because of problems in her relationship with her son. He frequently withdrew into himself and she felt clueless about how to reach him. Plus, she had had some scary health challenges in the past year.

I saw this client only one other time. In the second session, she reported that some great things had happened. She was waking up feeling positive and excited about the day and she had just gotten a great pay raise and said a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. To top it off, her son was communicating with her again! She felt better than she had in a long time.

I asked her what she had been doing in the few weeks since I had last seen her. She said the only thing that she was doing differently was listening to and singing my music, and in particular, this song. It was at that moment that I began to look at music in a new way. I began to ask other clients to use the music intentionally. In addition, I began to educate myself about the subconscious mind.

Music Creates New Software in Your Brain

Most of you are already on a path to realizing your wholeness and your dreams.  You read books, take classes, listen to teleseminars, and you apply these principles to your life.  Perhaps you wonder why you arenít progressing faster.  Hereís one reason:  You may not truly believe you can do it and that you deserve it.  Those and other subconscious limiting beliefs are sabotaging you over and over.

Think of your thoughts, statements about yourself, and your beliefs about how the world works as the software that runs your life.  Unfortunately, much of this software lies hidden within us and we donít realize how we continually choose to keep running it and allow it to interfere with all our hard work and the steps we have been taking towards our goals.

Music Bypasses Your ďKeep

Things the Way They AreĒ Radar

Music has the ability to get past our radar, the one that keeps really good information from getting to our core, to that place that makes or breaks us.  If what we are thinking and affirming on a conscious level is not in alignment with the agreements or beliefs in our subconscious mind, then we will continue to automatically work off that invisible software.

We all have beliefs and habitual patterns of response built up over the years, making it difficult to make lasting positive changes.  No matter how hard we try!  It isn’t enough to think positively and consciously use affirmations because those come from the conscious mind. And it isn't enough to read about these things and to listen to the experts giving us tools to change our beliefs.  We have to get past the cognitive ‘filters’ because they are the gatekeepers to our subconscious.

You Must Be Your Authority

Another problem is that too often we look to others to serve as authorities about our lives and how to live them.  It’s ok to go outside ourselves to gather information.  Then it us up to each one of us to choose what information we will accept and to give ourselves the message that we are going to be changing, getting rid of what hasn’t worked, and trying some new things.  We must put ourselves back in the position of authority so that our subconscious will accept the new beliefs. If we only listen to others telling us we can do something, or singing to us about our magnificence, we are still making others the authority.  Each of us is in charge of our own growth.  Rather than listen to someone else tell you what to believe, activate your passkey to your subconscious.

Music Can Be Your Passkey

It's the principles of resonance, vibration, rhythm and tone that allow the music to slip past the radar. Once there, the song lyrics begin to transform outdated and limiting belief pathways. By using the principle of repetition of the music to create a strong neural pathway, the work has begun. And it's seamless, easy and enjoyable. Who doesn't want to have an easy tool like this?

Music provides the focus that is often the missing ingredient in people’s path to their goals.  It’s easy to let everyday errands, unexpected events and work and family priorities shift focus.  It’s not that the intention is no longer there; it’s that we allow other things to ‘take over’ and we can let days, weeks and months slip by without completing the steps that lead us closer to our dreams. Even the busiest person can put on music that will support their other efforts for positive change.

Music Gets “Stuck” in Your Head and Provides a Positive Focus

Music provides the reminder, in a gentle and persuasive way, that our dreams matter, and that we are worthy of having and pursuing our dreams.  This particular song stands strong in that very way.  If someone likes the song, they are likely to play it often, and they are more likely to stay focused on those steps on their journey to a rich, purposeful and joy-filled life.

Also, we all have had the experience of singing a song over and over in our heads—whether we wanted to or not!  This feature of music makes it a natural tool for creating new thought patterns that support your desire to change.

Through repetition of this song, you can form a new pathway in your brain that tells you how magnificent you are and that you can step into your power now.  The more you sing it, the more you will form a new habitual pathway that tells you what you really want to hear.  It has been proven that what we tell ourselves through positive and negative self-talk has a profound impact on our behavior and what we attract to us.

This Method Magnifies the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is about vibration and what you put out into the world. This musical passkey is better than saying affirmations or thinking positive thoughts. That doesn't go far enough because the conscious mind doesn't have access to the subconscious. Using music with intent gets past this difficulty.  Why?  Because the vibrations of the actual music bring the message deeper into your being.  It’s like a massage to your psyche.  The musical vibration allows the place where the beliefs reside to be loosened, allowing space for the old to be uprooted and lifted out of place, and allows the new beliefs a place to take root.  The repetition of the song will help to form a strong pathway to this newer, more positive belief.

Also, the subconscious mind absorbs this information better when you are more relaxed and the brain is in an “alpha” rather than “beta” state.  The addition of the musical accompaniment to affirming messages helps to induce this receptivity, thereby increasing the likelihood of the positive messages gaining access to the place where the beliefs reside.

You Have the Choice to Change and Be the Best You Possible

I'm sure you've heard the saying that if you truly want a change in your life then you must change what you are doing. And there's no better time than now to make a different choice. Now is the time to own, to really own your personal power.  Now is the time to discard feelings and deep-seated beliefs of unworthiness or of feeling you can only have and do so much.  You are only as limited as you believe you are.  Bring this song into your innermost self and hear, and then sing its power to transform you.

You won’t be disappointed.  Do me a favor.  Don’t listen to the song once.  Listen at least three times when you are not distracted, when you can take a few deep breaths and open your heart and mind to the richness of it.  Let yourself imagine its power to transform some area of your life that isn’t moving the way you’d like it to, an area or issue that feels 'stuck'.

Take a look at my CD that has this song and other powerful intentional songs on it.

Start to Use Music Intentionally

Listen to this song, if you like it, several times a day. Choose some other songs that have supportive lyrics, ones that empower your goals and intents.

Be sure to begin your listening with a statement of intent, as that will increase its effectiveness. Most importantly, begin to sing along.  Learn the lyrics and sing them.  Then, begin to use your intention to use the song as a coach.  By singing to yourself, you increase a thousand fold the power of this song.   You make yourself the authority about changing your life and your beliefs.  You are telling yourself that you are magnificent and that you are worthy of all you desire.


"The Magnificent You"
- music and lyrics by Marcia Breitenbach © 2005

Awaken now to your beauty,
Donít hide behind fear anymore,
Release the you that wants to fly so free, the Magnificent You.

Along the way, you have learned
That some part of you was unworthy, (am I good enough?)
Release these lies, embrace yourself and fly free, the Magnificent You.

Dare to dream the most wonderful, marvelous, Biggest Dream,
Throw limits out the door. (You can do anything you dream!)
You are worthy, and loveable, capable, beautiful,
Breathe in, (Take it in)  Breathe out, (This is You)
You are Love, you are loved, you are Love, you are Love.

Iím sure that you have grown weary,
Of fighting invisible foes,
Step into your power, and you can fly so free, the Magnificent You.

You can change your beliefs,
For this you need faith and persistence, (Donít give up your hope)
Rewrite the script that you live by and fly free, the Magnificent You.

Dare to be your authority, wisdom is just inside,
So choose what adds to your life.
You must listen to your inner voice, it is calling you,
And trust (Itís your truth)
Then act, (Step by step)
You are Love, your are loved, you are Love, you are Love.

Awaken now to your is time.

Recorded and mixed at Allusion Studios, Tucson, Arizona, August  copyright 2005
Vocals by Julee Gell
Background vocals by Marcia Breitenbach
Guitar by Greg Yoder
Cello by Michael Rondstadt
Flute by Mike Kuhn

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Hereís What People are Saying about This Song of Power:

ďMarcia, this is a MAGNIFICENT, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING song-thank you so much. Am I able to play it at our upcoming event I am holding here down in Australia?"
Sandy Forster,

"Total head to toe goosebumps! You've created something extraordinary."
Peggy McColl,

Choose this Gift and See your Life Begin to
Unfold in Wonderful Ways

This song is my gift to you.  Really, though, it’s not my gift to give.  “The Magnificent You” is a gift of spirit, I am merely the messenger.  Then, as you enjoy it yourself, do me another favor.  Send the link to my site to a friend, or everyone on your list. Please send an email to me to receive permission if you want to make a flash movie using the song, or if you want to give the song out to workshop participants.  My hope is to see this song affecting as many hearts across the globe as it can.  A song to unite, a song to heal, and mostly, a song to empower.

Feel free to write me and let me know if the song has been helpful to you!

Namaste, in love,

Marcia Breitenbach

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